Casting Cannon Ball - 4oz Anti Chip Black pack of 2

Price: £7.99

Introducing our new Casting Cannon Ball Jig. I came up with this version with Jig Spinning in mind but also because of the problem of rigging slimmer soft plastics onto bigger Jig Heads and having them split. Most big jig heads are made with rigging big soft plastics and have a large barbed collar moulded into them, the Casting Cannon Ball has an 18 guage wire keeper moulded into it instead and allows you to moumt slimmer soft plastics onto large hooks on heavier jig heads.

There re currently three weight options on an 11/0 O’shaunessy and three weight options on a 13/0 O’Shaunessy hook, both with wide gapes and both super strong. The Jig has three stainless steel loops, two at the top to allow for verticle jigging or use the one at the front for Jig Spinning, the eye at the bottom allows for you to mount a stinger when using larger soft plastics.

Available in both Flourescent and Luminous Anti Chip colours with a big 3D eye secured in place with epoxy resin so it will not fall off after five minutes in the water.

All of these Cannon Ball Casting Jigs suit convention Shads and big grubs up to 15" long, they are finished to an extremely high standard. The 11/0 version is ideally suited to Jig Spinning, that is casting the pure away from the boat and jigging it all the way back along the bottom, a devastating method for catch Halibut in shallower waters.

We  offer these Jigs mounted on our own exclusive Monster Grubs, 10" in the 11/0 and 15"on the 13/0 with a  stinger.

In the smaller sizes these jigs will be ideal for casting to Coalfish shoals rigged with the 10" grubs, available in numerous colours they look stunning and in the clear waters of Norway the big eye and bright colours really stand out.

Sold in packs of 2, this is the 4oz Black Anti Chip coating on an 11/0 you are buying

Available in 4oz,6oz,8oz - 11/0 and 8oz, 10oz an 12oz in 13/0.



They will also be available shortly in 2oz and 3oz on a 10/0.

Please note: the Keeper Wires are left long on purpose, if you are going to rig slimmer soft plastic lure onto these jigs you will need to cut them shorter  otherwise they will cut the plastic open like a knife.

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