Tackle Making

Float Making step 1. Bodied Waggler Ready for Assembly

You can see in this picture we have cut a length of Peacock Quill to the required length, selected a balsa body and an eyed insert. This is now ready for assembly.

Float Making : Step 2. Assemble Components.

We have now put the float together, glueing the peacock stem and the plastic eyed insert into the balsa body with a small smear of araldite. As these bodies are already sealed, this float is now ready for painting.

Float Making : Step 3

This float has now been glued and is ready for undercoating. White undercoat is used for the tip only. Once dry, apply a coat of Flourescent paint (purchase for model / D.I.Y. shops )of which ever colur you choose. Once that is dry, a small black ring can be added to simply finih off using an oil based black paint.

Float Making : Step 4. Paint the body.

The body ban now be painted (and the peacock stem if you wish) in a colour of you choice. I leave mine white but it is a matter of personal choice.

Float Making : Step 5. Varnishing.

A final coat of yacht varnish over the whole float accept the flourescent tip finishes your float. It is now ready for use.

Float Making Options

We have on offer eight different sizes of body taking weights from two grams up to twenty grams. We offer insert eyes for both bodied wagglers and straight peacock waggler and peacock either stripped or unstripped (requires sanding to finish). All our bodies have been finished and sealed and are ready for painting. Have a look at the Float Making Page and give it a try.